Friday, February 3, 2012

Alien for Paul


That was my reaction when my friend from UConn contacted me with a request to make this Amigurumi "Fat" Baby for his and his lovely wife's incubating offspring. She of course was gestating a baby, but what about him? An Alien? So he felt an alien needed to be produced from somewhere...

At the Yale/UConn working group monthly meetings we have bonded over the importance of doing stuff with our hands while listening to Scholarship. He doodles; I craft. He has seen me do mittens, socks, and who knows what! I was racking my brain what to make for the baby - whom I project-named  Gzezenoc (my all-time favorite name to suggest to ALL people with planned or unborn babies, pets, plants, cars...). Gzezenoc was a brother to an early medieval Breton saint whose name I have forgotten - obviously not as ultimately cool a name as Gzezenoc! Fabulous saints aside, I was delighted for this thought process over what to make for Little Gzezenoc to be interrrupted, down right taken away from me by the Proud Father serving this fabulously fun pattern on a proverbial silver platter. And a crochet pattern no less! I have not crocheted in For Ever (tm), so I was excited to try it. I crocheted this in two short evenings, and enjoyed every second.

I am theoretically not buying more yarn until I have used up a LOT if not most of my ridiculous stash, but the Proud Father offered to pay for the yarn (Patons), and indeed did: he bought me a vodka and cranberry in Storrs the other day. Excellent deal for me!

 One of my favorite things about the pattern were the fingers and toes - here the fingers shown thumb down. Of course, the alternation between various kinds of crochets - teeny, tall - is perfect for this.

Toes!!!! I kind of want to make a caterpillar just because I LOVE these toes!
Here the little Alien is with Little Paul, watching his sleep. No matter how cute the Alien is - Paul is cuter!

Photograph courtesy of the Proud Father.

On a sort of random note: I crocheted an Alien for a young man named Paul. One of my favorite Alien movies ever (the intertextuality of geekdom rules it from first minute to last!) is called Paul. I find this absolutely fabulous! 

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