Monday, November 5, 2012

Blogging elsewhere!


Despite my list of ideas (chicken of the woods, knitting, felting, baking...) I have done nothing here on Cirsia Fortuita. Bummer.

However, one of the things I have gotten done, is work at the Yale Graduate Teaching Center! I lead workshops, offer teaching consultations, and talk about teaching with an amazing team of Fellows and the two directors. I wish I had applied to do this years ago! As part of this endeavor, I wrote a blog post on the GTC blog. You can check out my thoughts on how the teaching statement (a two page document that introduces the job search committee to me as a teacher - almost all History department job announcements specify that they want one to be submitted as part of the application packet) here.

And because why not, here is a Novembery set of photos from the hood and beyond: 

 Our local dry cleaner

 Pumpkin patch at Bishop's Orchard

The Day Missions Library at the Yale Divinity School. I am currently teaching at the Div School (and I LOVE it!) and so I study in this amazing room a lot more than during previous years.

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