Monday, August 24, 2015


When our friends told us they were expecting, there may have first been squeals and tears of joy on my part, but there was most certainly the search for the perfect pattern - a pattern that spoke to the Fuzzband and myself of our friends. They love nature and have an appreciation of crafting. They have a huge back yard where they can observe all kinds of wildlife from deer to raccoons to humming birds. Maybe frogs, too...

I have not been into crochet for a while, although I have made snowflakes and some other small things. Our friend KR is a great crocheter, and her works has inspired me, so I had looked at afghan patterns for a while and saved several. The Etsy store The Hat and I has several marvelous patterns, and I have queued several on Ravelry. So that is where I ended up after my search. This is the one we picked for the little love on his way:
I had it in my Ravelry favorites all ready for purchase, so all I needed was the yarn. Luckily I already have a favorite cotton yarn. I went online and basically bought a ball of each color that was vaguely watery and froggy by Lily's Sugar 'n' Cream. I don't remember which website I got it from - apologies. I am too lazy to dig up the receipt. Bad crafter, bad! However, when not buying in bulk, I buy it from JoAnn's, so I will link that website...

Anyway. It was great to pick a motif (frog, lily pad or bubble) and then focus on those. Very satisfying! Here is a pile of finished frog panels:
One of the things I love about the pattern is that one froggy gets to be royalty!
I also got to go to a baby shower for the baby. I have very limited experience with this whole shower concept, but I figured out gifts are involved. Of course, where I come from home made gifts are key, but I could not finish the blanket! So I knit a cardigan as well:
This is the famous Presto Chango by Valerie Wallis. I have made several, and it is always as satisfying and fun! The mother is a botanist, so I made the panel leaf patterned:
And of course I added my "signature"
Fun times! And the shower was lots of fun as well. We got lost on the way, but thanks to mobile phone technology we made it in time for games and delicious food! I gather that men are not usually part of baby showers, but the father, grandfather, and the Fuzzband were all present, so way to go family B for opening up to the lads! I am also proud to announce that I won the games where the object was a blind folded diaper change on a stuffed animal! I am not competitive by nature, but I have to admit I am a little proud of this victory, especially considering the mothers and grandmothers present. I think it is the finger dexterity from handicrafts more than the number of diapers I have changed... 

I handed over the blanket just before we left on vacation, and it was so cool to think that the next time I would see my friends they would be a Mom and Dad! Exciting! 

And finally, the little darling was born on August 31st, happy and healthy at 7 pounds and 1 ounce! We were on vacation in Beautiful British Columbia, but I got to hold him when he was just over two weeks old. The cuteness is beyond words. He has THE most perfect little ears and upper lip on the planet! I cannot wait to see him grow and learn. 


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  2. Awesome blog post! I'm sure that baby will appreciate the work that you've put into the pressies. We both really appreciate it. Thanks!