Friday, January 13, 2012

Awaited Baby

As the first installation of my project to get my craft images off Facebook, I chose this very dear project.

I had seen this beautiful christening gown kit at The Yarn Barn, and thought to myself, "Some day there will be a baby I can knit this for!" My nephews had already been born, as well as one niece - and my niece's mom knits.

At my wedding a dear friend told me she was pregnant! This was greater news than normal as I was personally really invested in her becoming a mom. I know - it is all about me. I offered to make the family a christening gown, and Voila!

The pattern is "Loving Hearts" Heirloom Christening Set from Louet. The yarn is their Euroflax 100% linen yarn - a pure pleasure to knit with! The kit also included the buttons, ribbon, satin fabric for petticoat (silk - I burnt a bit to test it), and elastic. The first photo here is my fabulously artistic photograph of the kit cover image overlaid with the first ten or so centimeters of knitting. Very artsy, fartsy, no? The pattern can be purchased here.

Here, the basic form of the top, and you can see the variation of laces: sleeve lace, top heart panel, and the two laces of the skirt....

In comparison: the completed top - love those buttons!

This work-in-progress shot shows off the sleeve with the heart panel running down the center. I am particularly impressed with the way I captured the camera cord...

A closeup of the skirt section's central panel both before and after lining. The skirt portion of the lining has a knit lace trim that peeps out from beneath the knit top layer. Very fetching - just what the well dressed infant will wear!

The completed gown - along with the knit cap that goes with it.

Knitting something for someone you care for is a wonderful thing. Every stitch is a meditation on friendship, and this gown was that more than most projects. My wonderful friend had a beautiful baby daughter in 2009. A few years later the little cousin wore the gown as well.

As I type this she has chicken pox - krya på dej lilla vän!


  1. That's so pretty!


  2. Vilken fnatastisk klänning. Jag älskar att sticka spetsmönster och vill gärna starta ett nytt projekt. Hur hittar jag mönstret?

  3. Hej Annika,

    Jag försökte hitta den på nätet, men lyckades inte. Jag skrev till Louet och frågade. Kanske du lyckas hitta på deras hemsida:

    Hoppelige återkommer vi...


    1. Jag satt in en länk till exakta websidan där man kan köpa allt man behäver för att tillverka dopklänningen.