Monday, January 16, 2012

Fishy Birthday Cake

This is a birthday cake for the little sister of my CT godson a couple of years back. It was her 3rd birthday - as the candles tell us. She was big into fishing that spring, so this is what I made. The cake was a chocolate cake with vanilla custard filling. The icing is chocolate buttercream icing, and white buttercream icing. See the jellyfish?

The sailboat was origami art from real paper!

The "large sea mammals" were Swedish Fish candies (which are unknown in Sweden, by the way).

The breaching was accented by buttercream icing leaves in white - breaching waves!

Side view of the cake: a birthday squid!


 This was a fun cake to decorate, and a huge success! I think it was one of the most popular cakes when the photos of my cake decorating were up on Facebook.

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